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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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if you' re heading out this evening, expect a wet travel this area. i will let you know how much rain is going to fall and what will stop as we move forward to the weekend. mike: a body discovered by children in the back yard of a home. >> the search is on for a killer. those closest to the man found dead say he is not just a victim. he is a key part of their family and the community. crime tape surrounds the house.
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for a killer who took one life and changed others forever. >> it is very well loved. >> darlene and her husband carl. they are the parents of tamara gibbons who was 23 and a father. very well known around price hill. today, his parents had to identify his body. family with an emotional scar. just listen to the scope of it. >> we will never forget because we always treasure it. >> his body was found behind his house. next door, she could not help but to think back. years ago.
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child this morning. >> does anyone have any information? please come forward. please. i ask you. [indiscernible] reporter: the family says they are convinced someone knows what happened to tamar. sheree: neighbors did not hear any shots overnight. they do not know if he was found -- if he was shot were he was founder somewhere else. mike: a forum started at school to discuss security and new measures in place to make it easier for students to report
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the officer at the center of it talks. reporter: in the seconds after the shooting, resource officer says a chilling shot -- thought went through his mind that he might end up in a shoot out with a 14-year-old. he had to think fast. >> i see several kids laying on the ground so i have to make a decision. do i take care of the kids? i said, here is my opportunity. i will go after the suspect. >> austin hancock brought to a wooded area near the school. >> i best bet was to get him to
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all was worried about what could have happened. >> we have kids that we deal with on a day -- a daily occasion. i know them very well. >> it was a controlled and chaotic scene. >> he said madison junior senior high school is putting a tip line in place.
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with tammy mutasa with what is being done. mike: parents and teachers just got underway. reporter: the school is doing its due diligence. the goal is to come up with ideas of improving safety. how does this community move forward? they will be analyzing scenarios and looking back to see what could' ve been done differently. they make it easier to identify classrooms by putting up better signage outside. the superintendent also said he
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>> our resource officer handled the situation as well as the staff members. it could' ve been a lot worse. >> as much as they are responsible for school safety here, so her parents. mike: thank you. meeting with elementary parents at 6 p.m.. if parents from junior and tonight, they can come tomorrow. sheree: indictments for two death of a four-year-old child. indicted on murder and wanton endangerment charges today. for the death of their baby last august. four-year-old baby.
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lesser charges. the grand jury came back with the murder indictment. in middletown, three people arrested and charged in the murder of a franklin man from last year. daniel coffee died after an incident on christmas day. individuals are charged with aggravated burglary, robbery, and murder. it still has not been released. sally ann flanigan are being held at the butler county jail. read is still being processed. mike: westchester families changed forever. sheree: karin johnson is live tonight where both families want this story told for one reason. karin: you can still see the marks here missing from the tree.
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his friend sentenced today to six years in prison. >> not a day goes by where i don' t think about what could' ve happened if i didn' t drive. i' m sorry mr. and misses valentine. when i finally fall asleep, i' m hunted from nightmares of that night. >> they had been drinking when they all decided to hop in a car early one morning. behind the wheel with a suspended license. beta reached 110 miles an hour before they crashed. was .106. no way out.
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and great joy. our lives are not filled with grief. >> i will never forget his cry. i' m sorry. >> it will serve as a lesson about the dangers of drinking and driving. >> i ask for continued prayers of our family. karin: and today, they mentioned there is video recording of a cell phone taken inside the car that night were one of the teens is narrating this speeds.
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to learn a lesson that that type of behavior will not be tolerated. mike: a bill aimed at getting rid of the death penalty in kentucky defeated by state lawmakers. the proposal was aimed at replacing the death penalty with sentences of life in prison without parole. convicted murderers should feel the same things that their victims did. sheree: police arrested three people
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facing and helped capture the suspects so quickly. mike: a look at the memorial in the works. sheree: candidates wrapping up tv ads and campaign stops in the buckeye state. kevin: i hope you have a sturdier bella because you will need it for the next 36 hours. rain has returned to the area.
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are expecting to see and hav and we need voters who want safer gun laws and who are disappointed in leaders who stand in their way to remember come election time. i share president obama's outrage. it's time we had leaders with the courage
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i'm p.g. sittenfeld. in the senate, i'll fight for commonsense gun safety, criminal background checks, ban assault weapons. i approve this message because ted strickland will never stand up to the nra.
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sheree: bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in michigan last night. mike: they tried to drum up support there. reporter: not a lot of word for bernie in columbus today but the sanders upset north of here has reverberated throughout the democratic stronghold. >> i think it will be hillary versus trump. we' ll see how it goes.
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bill clinton told hillary supporters she is the one that makes things happen. >> she wants to spend enough rusty pipes in america, lay new ones, give every child healthy paying jobs in the process. reporter: the aarp group traditionally has as many candidates as possible like ohio' s governor campaigning in illinois today. >> concerns about whether mom will be able to get her social security. >> both sides need to come together and come up with a compromise for social security. that kasich and
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reporter: they remind democrats hillary will be more effective against the gop. the sanders campaign will try to replicate michigan and ohio. >> we can rise together. but you need a change maker. reporter: he says hillary is the country' s best bet. >> she will be nominated. and elected. thank you. reporter: ohio can either feel the burn or extinguish it. mike: hillary clinton returning to cleveland for a rally on saturday. bernie sanders and clinton tonight for the ohio primary votes are counted.
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the champion of equality and human rights, yvette simpson thank them for paving the way for other women. >> without you, there is no me. the thing i love about mary and spencer is not that she is beautiful, that she swims, that she talks to her sister, but that she is a fighter. mike: councilwoman men and -- since images some of this issue is the first african-american woman elected to city council and the first female president of the cincinnati branch of the naacp. sheree: helping online customers get packages delivered faster.
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partnership with amazon' s fulfillment services. this new agreement will service agreements. amazon already has it in place. kevin: we have the rain train going this evening. i want you to follow this plume . from cincinnati, it arcs around the ohio river all the way down to -- the mississippi and to east texas. this rain has to lift up and through the ohio valley. it will take a good 36 hours for that to happen. it means rain has already descended on a good part of the area. most of it is light. the majority of rain should be on the light to moderate side. don'
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the rain to last too terribly long. we have a wet stretch of weather even though we should get a substantial break in the rain on friday. more is expected through the weekend. the good news if there is a silver lining is that temperatures are going to be very mild. temperatures will continue to flirt near 70 degrees. there is a live look outside. in the long an umbrella. it is 59 at the airport. a light southwesterly breeze, we have .14 inches of rainfall. a long way to go. we got a cold front tonight stretching to the chicago -- two chicago from st. louis. all into the ohio valley, it will take a full day today. expect on and off downpours.
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west of i were the rain will be the steadiest. if there is a break tomorrow in the rain, it looks to be midmorning. any break in the rain will only last an hour or two and will move right back overhead. it looks like the heaviest rain will fall during the afternoon and evening hours tomorrow. tomorrow evening' s commute could be another very wet one across the area. you can see the rain continuing . the drier air will begin the work in here and shut the rain off. it should be a fairly nice-looking friday. to two inches. the heaviest amounts were the rain would be the most persistent. you will see more rain in southeast indiana, for example, or highland county. less the further east you are across the area.
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areas, you could see some of it happening during the day tomorrow. the bright side on the temperatures is that they are not going to budge much. tomorrow, very wet with rain. look for a high around 64. a little bit of extra time for the morning commute. 64 by lunchtime and we will stay in the 60' s throughout the evening with on and off rain. slightly cooler tomorrow night as we drop down to 47. near 70 all weekend there. saturday looks drier than sunday. sunday looks wet. and for election day tuesday, it may be a little bit dryer. we may throw some thunder into the forecast.
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>> it is the weather version of march madness going on right now. you have basketball and this. a different kind of march madness. nfl free agency under way. sheree: a dozen players could
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost
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10 shots. for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> i like to be back. i finish what i started. but it' s not in my hands. george: bringing back safety george iloka but marvin jones is gone and marvin' s new -- mohamed
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i look at gets a five-year deal worth $30 million. let' s see if the bengals can bring back there other starting safety reggie nelson. i look at and eric winston coming back. send to is taking visits. free agents are hanging out there. what an honor for chris mack. this is the big one. association. mac is the first xavier head coach to claim this honor. the sophomore forward was named the defensive player of the year.
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they let the indians to 14 playoff appearances. he will continue to teach and coach the indians baseball team. it' s a huge night for high school basketball. the semifinal games at the some toss center. in division iii, roger bacon leads grandview heights at the half. they play at 8:00. playing in the sweet 16 for the first time in 14 years. they are playing at in ku.
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tomorrow night this is what i came home for -- to work in the community, turning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. elected to city council, i've helped create 5,000 new jobs, took on big banks to clean up foreclosed properties. now i'm running for the senate and approve this message to offer bold new leadership
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breaking news tonight, a deadly flood emergency. tens of millions in the path. evacuations under way right now. tonight high water rescues and the national guard has been deployed. going for a knockout. donald trump says he's looking to take out his rivals once and for all as pressure mounts on marco rubio. what he's telling us exclusively. plus, the bernie sanders shocker. high anxiety. how was a man wanted for attempted murder able to fly across the country, taken down by secret service at the white house.


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